Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Mike Yusim is centrally located in the Greenway Plaza area, minutes from the Galleria, Bellaire, River Oaks and West U. He has achieved a Tier One rating for his efficiency in getting his clients better, faster.

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    Neck & Lower Back Pain

    The most common reason that we see clients is for neck and low back pain. There are several structures that elicit pain in these areas. We work on the muscles, tendons, nerves, bones and ligaments. A tight muscle will choke off the nerve that makes it function. We identify the knots or trigger points in the muscles and release them, allowing the nerve to return to normal function. Tendons connect muscle to bone. Through the tendon, a malfunctioning muscle will pull the spine out of alignment. We treat the misalignment with a chiropractic adjustment. Ligaments attach bone to bone. Taught ligaments in the sacroiliac joint are often the cause of low back pain. Our professional stretching protocol relaxes the ligaments. We address all of these elements to get you better, faster.

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